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Leverage fanfiction master post

'The Texas Mountain Laurel' series'
Mainly the end of Season 4, going through Season 5.
Canon, gen, case fic, team fic.

1. The Occam's Razor Job

(Eliot centric case fic. When Chilean cartel attacks the Team, Eliot has to do very complicated shit to save them, while at the same time Nate and the Team are desperately trying to save him. Canon, gen fic, no big warnings except violence and few dead bodies near the end. And angst. Lots of angst. Family/friendship.) Complete.

2. The Season Six Job

(Sequel to TORJ, follows one week later. The Team has to deal with network that cancelled very popular and adored TV show (sic!) and fight unexpected Mafia killers, and at the same time to deal with aftermath of The Occam's Razor. Case fic, canon, gen, family/friendship. No warnings for now.) Complete.


4. The Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg Job - still in Boston, cca 2 months after TSSJ. Short case-fic. Complete.

5. The Arch-nemesis Job

(a few months after TSSJ, they moved from Boston to Portland). Complete

6. The SNAFU Job

(gift for serenelystrange on LJ, Leverageexchange) Episode tag to The Rundown Job, four days after The Arch-nemesis Job. Complete.

7. The Redhead Twins job

Direct sequel for The SNAFU job, taking place in Phoenix, Arizona. Case -fic. Complete.

Movie trailer for The Occam's Razor Job:

Movie trailer fo The Redhead Twins Job:





The Redhead Twins Job - Chapter 2

This awful pink is a symbol of their suffering. So you'll suffer too :D


The Redhead Twins Job - Chapter 1.

Fandom: Leverage


The Redhead Twins Job - LEVERAGE

Posting new story tomorrow, here's the trailer :D